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Mike Svob, 40 Years an Artist, With More to Come


Talented Vancouver based artist Mike Svob, celebrates his 40th year as a professional artist in 2022. Over his career, Mike has mastered water colours, acrylic and oils; as well as contributing this knowledge to numerous books and articles about painting. Mike has had over 85 exhibitions and has produced over 25 large scale murals through-out North America. He is an impressionist who is easily identified by his signature use of strong, bold colour. Mike is a romantic, impassioned by the visual presentation that life has to offer. The power and movement of light is captured in his work and nature interacting with people plays an important role in his art.


Mike is a person with a great sense of adventure. He is a map reader and pilot and has flown his single engine plane from coast to coast in Canada and in the USA. He has trekked through Nepal and cycled through Europe. Brilliant colours illuminate Svob’s landscapes including remarkable scenes of the Whistler area and beyond. Svob, whose paintings are enthusiastically collected throughout North America and worldwide, uniquely capture movement and shadows, stillness and light. 


Congratulations to Mike Svob for 40 successful years, here's to many more!



"The year 2022 brings me to the 40th year from the point where I became an artist. Painting in many respects has kept me sane, although some would disagree. The purpose behind creating artwork has become more obvious with the actual birth of each painting. The paintings tell a tale of what I believe is meaningful and salient. They are neither statements of politics or morality. They are vivid visual messages from humanity that simply speak to your soul.


To do this as a full-time artist is a great privilege and honor. It also requires the support of all the patrons who buy the work.  I know they do so, because they find their own message in the art.


It also requires people and organizations like the Adele Campbell Gallery who represent my work and bring it to the public. Having the opportunity, to be a creative type for these many years has brought so many opportunities to indulge my artistic vision with travel and spreading the word with the best of people who tend to be interested in and supportive of the arts.  Keeping the creative fire burning on this place we call earth will never disappoint or leave you wanting. I hope it allows me to be creative for many years to come." Mike Svob 







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