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I have been privileged to work as a painter for all of my adult life. It is the only career I have ever known.  I started drawing and painting as a child, and never really stopped.  My journey as a painter started in the medium of soft pastel, having fallen in love with the work of Degas and Mary Cassatt. From there I did a foray into acrylics for a number of years and these days my primary medium is oil paint.


My greatest joy is going out in the landscape and painting field studies – I love being in nature and working from life hones my skills and informs my larger studio paintings.  It also furnishes me with some wonderful painting adventures, taking me to places I may have never otherwise experienced.  All of this serves as a springboard for my studio practice.


What engages me most as a painter is  rendering the effects of light and atmosphere as it is always challenging and deeply satisfying.   I am ever the learner and push myself to paint in situations that put me into the deep end of the swimming pool.   My favourite saying is “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment”, an eastern saying that best describes me as I stand before my easel with a question around what will work, what won't work,  and what might be possible.  My goal at the easel is to recreate the light, atmosphere and sense of place in whatever environment I find myself.  In so doing, it is my fond hope to create an experience for the viewer that transports them to these wild places in order to share my experience and create a deeper awareness and reverence of our amazing natural heritage, particularly here in BC.


In 2003 I became a senior signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and served many years as Standards Chair.  Shortly after  that I earned my Master Pastellist designation with the Pastel Artists of Canada. I am a member of the Oil Painters of America and Artists for Conservation. 


It is my joy to also work as an instructor of studio and plein air workshops  both locally and abroad. 





Recent Selected Awards

2021 - Artist of the Year,  BC Nature Trust

2020 - Bronze medal, Federation of Canadian artists Landscape show

2019 - Gold Medal, FCA Signature Show


2015 - Signature Status, Artists for Conservation

2014 – Active Status with Oil Painters of America

2018 - Master Pastellist Status with Pastel Artists of Canada

2003 - Senior Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists


Art for an Oil Free Coast                            

Pastel Artist International

International Artist Magazine                     




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