Angie Rees is an artist currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Although she has painted her whole life she sought formal training from Grant MacEwan College and the University of Alberta where she graduated with a BFA in 1990.

Whimsical, playful and eccentric come to mind in describing the painting style of Angie Rees. These imaginative works are extremely well crafted with rich surface textures and a vibrant, arresting palette. The wit and humor of her clever titles add another dimension to these “visual puns.”

Angie’s work is widely collected and can be seen in many galleries across western Canada.



These paintings are based on my daydreams – weird and wonderful imaginings that occur with startling frequency inside my head. I’ve learned how to tap into this place by watching the way children - my own son in particular, so easily suspends his disbelief and goes for an adventure.

I feed my imagination a very rich and steady diet of children’s storybooks and theatre and try to indulge its every whim.

I hope my work reaches out and tickles the viewer – provoking their inner child.

My rules for making art are simple: “What if . . . ” and “Why not?” 

It is so liberating to paint in a world where anything goes and imagination abounds.


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