David Langevin - Orange Addict, 2009
Acrylic on Gallery Canvas
28 x 10 in
For David Langevin art has always been natural, automatic. After finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree he spent several years perfecting his painting skills. He researched and studied painting materials and techniques and later obtained a Masters Degree in Art Education. “I wanted to know that I could do anything with paint, achieve any effect.” One of his favourite painting methods involves an elaborate system using multiple layers of transparent and translucent paint, or “glazes” and “scrumbles”. This gives his paintings a dramatic sense of depth and inner life. “I love contrast and negative spaces: the shapes between the shapes. I also pay close attention to line and contour. Drawing is important to me – at times I even “draw” when I paint.” “I learned how to paint by studying the techniques of painters who died hundreds of years ago. I guess this is what happens when you combine Rembrandt with Canadian landscape” “It’s fun to think that my paintings have a whole new life somewhere after I let them go; and that they become part of someone else’s life.” David was born and raised in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and now lives in British Columbia where he finds an endless supply of inspiration. David is currently represented at Adele Campbell Fine Art, to view his current collection visit his artist page on our website.