Honestly All I Need is a Weekend in the Mountains
Acrylic and Mixed Media
48 x 72 in
This painting is a part of Laura Harris' #thejourney collection.



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Q & A With Laura Harris

As part of our October event 'The Friday Toast' we chatted with gallery artist, Laura Harris, about her painting ‘Honestly All I Need Is A Weekend In The Mountains’.

Q: What will you be toasting with this evening?

A: “Tequila, of course! Those of you who’ve joined me on one of my retreats understand. “Vitamin T” we call it.”


Q: What drives you to keep creating?

A: “After 20 years of full-time painting, creating has become an integral part of my life. Better than any counselor, creative practice is my outlet, my release, my voice, and if I don’t practice, I just don’t feel good. I make my coffee, walk to the studio, crank the music and paint it all out – everything is right with my world.”


Q: Part of your creative process that you love / or part that you struggle with?

A: “I LOVE the beginning of a painting. It’s free and joyous, everything is possible there. The end, though sometimes hard to find, is absolutely exhilarating and satisfying. The middle can be bit of a slog.”


Q: One word to describe this piece?

A: “Escapism.”


Q: A brief story about this piece? (could be a description of the process, the subject matter or location, your feelings towards it – whatever you feel like sharing!)

A: “I think we’ve all been here, especially over the last year or two. I painted what I was craving and what I know is true “Honestly, All I Need is a Weekend in the Mountains” 72x48. And it’s big enough you can almost dive in. I love this piece and I’ll think of it often. Hope it goes to a good home.”


Q: Do you have another creative outlet?

A: “Cooking. I really enjoy setting a relevant and beautiful table, and cooking for dear friends and family. It makes me really happy.”


Q: An area/subject/technique that you haven’t painting but you would like to?

A: “I’m just getting into watercolour and it feels good. Different, but it’s good. We’ll see what comes next…”