Cameron Bird - A Cold Day in Mayo, 2013
Oil on Panel
10 x 12 in
From an early age, nature and painting has always been Cameron Bird’s greatest passion. Inspired by the mountains and wildlife of British Columbia, Cameron began painting professionally at the young age of 17 and captured the excitement and vivacity of the wild on canvas. In college, where he majored in commercial art, Cameron began researching many great artist including The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson in particular. Alfred J. Casson, Tom Thomson and the German-American wildlife artist Carl Rungius captured most of Cameron’s attention. In 1989, Cameron met Canadian artist K.C. Smith who became a great teacher and mentor. Keith always taught Cameron to simplify and make each brush stroke count. Following in the footsteps of Keith, he worked as a packhorse guide in the Chilcotin Mountains. Cameron used this experience in the wilderness to provide him with first-hand material and references for his paintings. Prior to Keith C. Smith’s passing in 2000, the artist wrote a letter to Cameron encouraging him to “carry on where I have left off in this wonderful world of art and creation”. The Adele Campbell gallery is proud to have recognized Cameron’s talent many years earlier and to have represented him since then.