July 30, 2016
New Works by Moe Taylor

We are delighted to receive some fabulous new encaustic pieces by our talented artist Moe Taylor!

Encaustic, which dates back to ancient Greece, is one of the oldest painting mediums. The term encaustic comes from the Greek "enkaustikos" meaning "to burn in" as each layer is fused with a heat source.

Moe Taylor begins her personal process by selecting and drawing inspiration from turn of the century sea charts of the West Coast. The surface is primed with layers of medium, which is comprized of beeswax tempered with damar resin and applied in molten form. Moe prefers to work on a cradled birch panels.

Each layer is carefully fused to the previous one. Once she has incorporated collage elements, oil pigment that has been milled into medium is used for painting and is melted on the heated palette in order to apply it.

Each subsequent layer requires fusing to the previous one with a heat source. The under painting sets the tone for the finished piece. After layers and layers of pigment, Moe's pieces come to life, and are uniquely one of a kind.

Stop by the gallery to see these special pieces in person!

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