February 19, 2017
See the world through Mike Svob's eyes
See the world through Mike Svob's eyes
Mike Svob once humbly said, “When you’re an artist, you’re lucky if some people identify with the way you perceive things, with the way you communicate.”

As we prepare to host the latest solo exhibition of Mike’s works, and to celebrate his 35th year as a professional artist (highlights of which include winning numerous awards, leading a string of successful workshops, and a stint as the President of the Federation of Canadian Artists), we think it is safe to say that more than a few people have identified with Mike’s means of communicating.

Renowned for his bold use of colour and distinctive approach to capturing light within his landscapes, Mike’s paintings have a timeless, enduring quality. Audiences continue to feel the draw of his works, and the desire to see the world through his eyes. Mike explains, “As an artist this is a wonderful part of my life's journey. The moments when you are able to see and sense the right balance of light, colour and shape and transform them into a work of art are their own reward.”

Transformation is then a natural theme for this latest body of works, which are inspired by Mike’s hiking and world travels. Mike hopes to capture what he finds special about each place upon his canvas. “An extensive sense of curiosity and travel, both near and far, to seek out the many ways the transformation of light on the simplest or most majestic of subjects has been and continues to be something of an endless endearment for me” he explains. Being a full time artist allows Mike the freedom to wonder and explore life outside its usual parameters. For example, Mike talks of a recent excursion: “I spent several weeks hiking in the national parks in the Rockies this past summer. The Rockies in their natural state convey a combined sense of a world that once was. God’s greatest works if you will.” Mike is able to capture this sense of awe in his timeless landscape paintings, and in doing so, pass these feelings on to the viewer.

Though scenes from Greece, France and the US will feature in the exhibition, Mike notes that Canada being 150 years young has definitely caught his attention, and inspired a lot of these new works. “I have crisscrossed the nation many times and grown to love it all” he explains!

Mike has been represented by the Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery since near the Gallery’s very beginning, and for this he states: “I am grateful… My artist journey has been and continues to be both wrought with anxiety and blessed with success. I do not presume to understand artistic taste in the broad sense after 35 years. At the same I have had the great fortune of finding and dealing with people like you find at the Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery, who have connected my work with clients who have an affinity and love for my painting.”

We are delighted to travel alongside Mike on his artistic journey, and we can’t wait to celebrate this exciting 35-year milestone at the opening of his solo show! Join us on Saturday 25th February from 4-7pm, and see the world through Mike’s eyes.

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*  Mike Svob "Transformation"
Solo Exhibition
Opening Saturday, February 25th from 4-7pm
February 25 - March 10 2017


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