February 12, 2017
10 Joyful Years with Angela Morgan
10 Joyful Years with Angela Morgan
It’s about humanity.
It’s about joy.
It’s about that connection we have with our loved ones, and how we spend time together.

“I’m putting together a body of works which appeals to families” says artist Angela Morgan of her upcoming show here at the Adele Campbell Gallery.

And we don’t doubt that they will: time and again we have seen everyone - from our most established fine art collectors, to tourists passing through the Gallery on a whim – fall in love with Angela’s figurative pieces.

It’s not just the artist’s technical skill, or the vibrancy and energy of each piece which draws in an Angela Morgan fan; it’s her ability to capture a moment which evokes such a personal and positive memory for us the viewer. We see three figures snuggling happily on a chairlift, and we remember our own excitement heading up the mountain on a snowy morning; we see the adorable rosy noses of our own children peeping between oversized goggles and scarves. In the artist’s own words, Angela’s paintings are “about that connection we have with our loved ones, and how we spend time together.”

Usually painted in groups, Angela’s figures are captured cozily close, sharing a moment of joy and excitement. The figures are often comfortably face-on and filling the window of the canvas, acknowledging us the viewers (so even a figure painted alone is not lonely; we are invited in to complete the moment). Even in instances that the figures are depicted from behind, leading lines will lure us into the scene.

Angela is passionate about human interaction: “I love the human figure and I love humanity” she reveals. “I’m always trying to get it right – I’m not really sure what right is – it’s more of a feeling.” In addition to this theme of connections between people, outdoor pursuits and the mountain lifestyle – particularly, “embracing our sense of place” - will be common subjects of Angela’s 10th anniversary show.

We asked Angela, what might we notice about this body of works? Angela replied, “There is a lot of joy in this collection – of celebration and playfulness… I think my work has gotten livelier, probably due to plain old hard work. I've put in a lot of hours this last year and I believe it is paying off technically.”

To us, one look at the speedy, energetic strokes of square brush and boldly applied colour confirms this belief. 10 years have flown past since we first welcome Angela to our family, and each has bought more joy, beauty and success than the last!

“It's been a very quick 10 year association with The Adele Campbell Gallery. My work has matured - technically, expanded subject matter, growing confidence with exploring what inspires me.” Angela kindly continues, “Adele Campbell has been an exceptional gallery to grow with. The support for artistic freedom, and the enthusiasm for new ideas, and a sensitivity to every artist as they explore and experiment.”

We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring, but where does Angela see herself in 10 years’ time? “On top of the world!” she replies. “But maybe not on skis - figuratively speaking!”

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*  Angela Morgan Solo Exhibition Opening Saturday, February 18th from 4-7pm
February 18 - February 24 2017


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