November 5, 2016
We’ve been making the most of this quieter time to bring some exciting changes to the gallery!

Following the success of our smalls wall, we’ve been working on our latest salon hang - a much more minimalist composition which also incorporates sculptural elements. You can read our top tips for a salon-style hang below.

We’ve also hung a super-smalls wall, featuring pieces guaranteed to get you feeling festive! With the countdown to Christmas now on, and complimentary shipping within North America until November 26th, now is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping – or indulge in a festive treat for yourself!

Finally, perhaps the most dramatic change in the gallery: our feature wall has been transformed from a gothic black to a wintry white! The change in colour has brightened up the whole gallery, and we can’t help but wonder what effect other colours might have…

Stop by the gallery and let us know what you think of these new changes!

Our top tips for a salon hang:

- Start on the floor. Find a floor space of similar dimensions to your wall that you can use to practice your composition.
- Have a rough layout in mind. This is just to get you started, and may be as simple as the shape of the wall, or an idea of how you want the layout to fit with your furniture. We knew we wanted to feature a single larger artwork, and have a strong line running through the composition, to add some structure to the chaos. Other than that, anything could happen.
- Roll with it. It’s easy to get stuck on the placement of the first or favourite piece! Don’t overthink it – just start putting pieces down and go with the flow.
- Let go. Don’t be afraid to let go of that original layout, or ditch that piece, if it’s not working. And if it is working, don’t feel you have to squeeze those last few pieces in. We had a last-minute swap of the featured large piece and it changed the whole display – for the better!
- Take photos along the way. When you’re playing around with a few compositions, you’ll be glad you have them for reference!
- Hang with a plan…ish. You don’t have to tack paper cut-outs of each piece to the wall before committing to the hang. As long as you know your floor layout will fit, masking tape a center point or a few guidelines – for us it was a horizontal line at eye level – and hang from there outwards. And feel free to edit the composition as you go.

Have fun hanging!


Associated Exhibitions

*  24th Annual Art of Winter Group Exhibition!
October 19 - December 31 2016


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