James Stewart sculpts Olympian Chris Spring

Join us at the Adele Campbell Gallery this Boxing Day for the unveiling of 'Whistler,'
with Olympian bobsled pilot Chris Spring & James Stewart in attendance.

December 24, 2017 - January 26, 2018

James Stewart sculpts Olympian Chris Spring

The unveiling of 'Whistler' at The Adele Campbell Gallery
Tuesday 26th December, 2017, 3pm

‘Whistler,’ a new sculpture By James Stewart that depicts the tenacious Canadian bobsled pilot Chris Spring. At approximately 16 inches long, the sculpture is a small but mighty tribute to the resilient Olympian of past and present.

In-keeping with Stewart’s traditional approach, ‘Whistler’ is titled after the location of the photo used to model the sculpture, taken of Spring training in Whistler for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. 

The pose is a reflection of Spring’s bobsledder posture assumed whilst in the sled, and also at the beginning of the race. There is power, yet subtle fatigue in the way the left arm accepts the majority of the body weight, co-existing in the knowledge that the pressure is temporary. James endeavours to convey the sentiment of “hard work and dedication” in this incredible new sculpture.  

“Whistler,’ is sculpted with realistic texture at the bottom, whilst gradually becoming more raw and rustic further toward the top, to symbolize the increasingly rugged terrain of Whistler Mountain itself, the higher you go.

Another important symbolic element of the sculpture concerns an amateur sports donation Chris received, that James believes is reflective of the dreams and hopes for so many aspiring sports people, especially here in Whistler.