Mike Svob and Alan Wylie - "The Works"

March 13 - March 31, 2015

Mike Svob and Alan Wylie - _The Works_

Enjoy "The Works" by these two memebers of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Artist reception will be held on Saturday, March 14th from 4pm to 7pm.

Join us for a special evening with Mike Svob and Alan Wylie.

See the below links to view their current spread in Arabelle Magazine.




Sapphire Path MIKE SVOB
Sapphire Path
18 x 24 inches
Sunlight and Snow MIKE SVOB
Sunlight and Snow
24 x 24 inches
The Green House MIKE SVOB
The Green House
12 x 16 inches
First Snowfall ALAN WYLIE
First Snowfall
18 x 36 inches
Manhattan Mosaic ALAN WYLIE
Manhattan Mosaic
24 x 36 inches
One Fish-Two Fish ALAN WYLIE
One Fish-Two Fish
20 x 29 inches
Raisin_ Dust ALAN WYLIE
Raisin' Dust
25 x 40 inches
The Blacksmith ALAN WYLIE
The Blacksmith
30 x 18 inches
Winter Stray ALAN WYLIE
Winter Stray
20 x 18 inches
Coming Aboard ALAN WYLIE
Coming Aboard
28 x 22 inches
Spirit of Sedona ALAN WYLIE
Spirit of Sedona
11 x 22 inches
Fishing Hole ALAN WYLIE
Fishing Hole
26 x 32 inches
Fishwives ALAN WYLIE
16 x 16 inches
Snowing Again ALAN WYLIE
Snowing Again
14 x 11 inches
16 x 20 inches
Refelections MIKE SVOB
36 x 48 inches
The Turning MIKE SVOB
The Turning
24 x 36 inches
Path Home
30 x 40 inches
Casi en Casa ALAN WYLIE
Casi en Casa
17 x 26 inches
Fractured Facade ALAN WYLIE
Fractured Facade
22 x 21 inches
Morning Fix ALAN WYLIE
Morning Fix
24 x 24 inches
Smokin Blues ALAN WYLIE
Smokin Blues
21 x 27 inches