Kathryn Amisson has spent much of her 38 year career portraying the beauty of our Canadian west coast. Earlier known for her pastels depicting the stunning beaches and rolling surf of our Pacific coast, she today works in acrylic on canvas. Expanding her boundaries she has since taken aim at the prairie landscape. Both her love of the west coast and her prairie roots have instilled in her a passion for wide open spaces.

From waves to clouds Kathryn skillfully captures the allure and movement found in these wondrous and mysterious elements. Using brush, palette knife, tissue paper and acrylic mediums the resulting texture provides a unique interpretation of a constantly changing scene.

“It is the effects of light that continue to fuel my creativity. I delight in the ever-changing palette before me. The unceasing diversity of nature excites me, inspires me and will forever be my interpretive challenge."

Kathryn devotes her full time to the accomplishment of her much loved profession. Her work has been purchased by individuals and collectors worldwide and her efforts in aiding and contributing to her chosen group of charities is well acknowledged and recognized. Kathryn and her husband, Graeme Roberts, reside in Brentwood Bay, close to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.



  • 2018 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 2018 Union Club, Victoria, BC
  • 2017 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 2016 Union Club, Victoria, BC
  • 2014 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, AB ‘Boundless Skies…Endless Horizons’
  • 2007 Union Club, Victoria, BC
  • 2005 Gallery 223, Nanaimo, BC
  • 2005 Brentwood Bay Resort Fine Art Gallery, BC
  • 2003 The Gallery (in Oak Bay) Victoria, BC
  • 1997 West End Gallery, Victoria, BC ‘Into the Light’
  • 1996 Wilsden Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • 1994 The Marshall Gallery, Courtenay, BC
  • 1992 Union Club, Victoria, BC ‘Our Magnificent Shores


  • 2018 Gallery 8, Salt Spring Island, BC ‘Symbolically 8’
  • 2012 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 2007 Linda Lando Fine Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC ‘ Diva Show’
  • 2004 Peninsula Gallery, Sidney, BC
  • 2003 Peninsula Gallery, Sidney BC
  • 1998 Jack Gibson Gallery, Richmond, BC
  • 1998 Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC
  • 1997 Adele Campbell Gallery Whistler, BC
  • 1996 Peninsula Gallery, Sidney, BC
  • 1996 Adele Campbell Gallery Whistler, BC
  • 1995 Peninsula Gallery, Sidney, BC
  • 1995 Union Club, Victoria, BC
  • 1995 Jack Gibson Gallery, Richmond, BC
  • 1994 Jack Gibson Gallery, Richmond, BC

Associated Exhibitions

25th Annual Art Of Winter Group Exhibition
Special Edition 25th Anniversary
November 24 - December 24, 2018
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