Dana Irving is a Canadian landscape painter. Her unique style has been aptly described as "Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss".

Dana Irving’s painting style is borne of a deep affection for the Canadian landscape.  From her childhood in rural Prince George, BC, surrounded by pine trees and lakes, to her subsequent home on the West Coast, nature has left an indelible mark on her sense of aesthetics and place.  A musician as well, Irving’s expertise lies in channeling the currents that course through each of us into art, her stylized paintings showing how the different mediums inform each other.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, where nature can be ignored by no one, Dana turns her artistic expression toward the spacious forests of ancient trees, the mountains, the ocean, the emerald green rivers and the moody weather around it all. Dana is a noticeable presence in the North American art scene.

There is such a joy, for an artist, to connect with your audience in any art form. For me as a painter, to interpret the inspiring beauty of the Canadian landscape and present it in my own unique language is enjoyable in itself, but to connect with the viewer in that same language is a thrill beyond measure.  What a privilege it is.

Associated Exhibitions

25th Annual Art Of Winter Group Exhibition
Special Edition 25th Anniversary
November 24 - December 24, 2018
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Whistler Wine Walk
October 1 - October 31, 2018
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