Mike Svob has made his living as a painter and artist since the early 1980's. Artistic achievements have included mastering watercolours, acrylics and oils.  An impressionist style painter that is easily identified by his signature use of strong bold colour. To date, Mike has had over 70 exhibitions and has produced over 25 large scale murals and installations.

   Mike studied at the University of Western Ontario. He is a past president of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is a Senior (SFCA) of this society. As an award-winning artist and leading workshop instructor, Mike strongly believes that broadly sharing his knowledge among his collectors, fellow artists and art students will provide only positives results for all.

   His paintings are held in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the world.  Mike Svob's paintings and teaching methods are included in several art books and have been featured in many art publications. A passion for art, history and travel continue to provide inspiring and diverse subject matter for his work. 


      "In my work I try to bring the viewer into a new and potential obtuse sense of space and colour". To imagine a world of visual possibilities. "I have always been deeply moved by the colourful patterns and subtle shades of light upon the landscape".  The warm sparkle of fresh snow in a cool brilliant winter light or the patterns made by trees dancing in the wind, the soft ghostly lost edges from water falling and splashing on rocks.  To be at once both aware of the reality and intrigued by the fanciful possibilities.  As an artist I try to capture the essence of the moment, distill out what is unnecessary and add my twist so the viewer is left with impression of the landscape that will endure through time."

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