Michel LeRoux was born on June 28, 1950, into a family that viewed creativity as a means of expression and livelihood. Michel’s father, a lettering artist, often sought his son’s assistance, and thus introduced Michel to the world of art.

In 1975, Michel LeRoux became a professor at the Institut des Arts Graphiques in Montreal. He taught his students the principles of perspective and calligraphy. Three years later, he started his own advertising agency, and launched into this new activity with great interest. He quickly realized, however, that something was missing from his artistic life, as he struggled with the frustrations of his profession.

Since 1981, oil painting had provided a treasured escape for Michel. The world of plants and the emotion he felt in the forest had always fascinated Michel, which he sought to convey on canvas. Michel Le Roux held his first exhibition in 1985, as part of the 5th Festival International des Arts de Montréal. This event launched his career. Collectors soon flocked to his work and the artist found strong motivation in this demand. He quickly sought to improve his work and adopted a new artistic discipline.

From 1986 to 2004, he presented about 20 solo exhibitions in Canada and the United States. In 1992, Les Éditions Broquet published a book covering the first period of his pictorial development. A few years later, to support the intrigue surrounding the best-seller ‘A Cry in the Night’, by American novelist Mary Higgins Clark, Telescene Film Group Inc. selected 21 of his paintings for a feature-length film produced by France, the United States and Canada. In 2004, once his art had fully matured, a second book presented 112 of his works accompanied by a biographical text.

”I insist on using my entire body to paint, without hesitation, in a single go. I love weaving a web of spirals and scrolls, but above all, I focus on the essentials. I have chosen to paint the plant world while avoiding strict representation. I keep only a few reference points to guide the eye and heart down the passageways of emotions concealed in nature. I dive in with the dual stubbornness of pleasure. I hope to discover the deepest secrets” - Michel LeRoux, 1992.

With each successive painting, Michel LeRoux strives to purify his subject and pare it down to the essential, intrinsic characteristic of nature. This artist seeks to draw the viewer into his quest for a fairytale world; each ray of sunlight, each dab of green foliage, each stretch of shady or sun-dappled road leads to another place suspected but as yet unknown, which viewers must discover for themselves. Light is the dominant force in Michel Le Roux's work.