Alan Wylie was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1938. In 1960 he graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Mural Design and Mosaics. He immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1967 and began a career as a full-time artist, teacher, and Art Gallery owner. In 1974 he moved to British Columbia and now lives in the historical village of Fort Langley with his artist wife, Janice Robertson.

Throughout his career, Alan has participated in 73 solo shows, and innumerable group exhibitions, and has won many prestigious awards in Canada and the United States, including the Spilsbury Gold Medal (four times) of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, the Grand Prize at the First Annual On The Edge International Exhibition in Canada, the Gold Medal of the California Watercolor Association, San Francisco, the Rouse Gold Medallion at the Adirondacks International Exhibition of American Watercolors, New York, the High Winds Medal (twice), the CFS Me

ALAN  WYLIE Parkhead Cross
Parkhead Cross
Oil on Canvas  
11 x 14 in
ALAN  WYLIE Dappled Light
Dappled Light
Oil on Canvas  
9 x 12 in
ALAN  WYLIE For My Little Sister
For My Little Sister
Oil on Canvas  
12 x 9 in
ALAN  WYLIE Parked By The Barn
Parked By The Barn
Acrylic on Panel  
8 x 16 in
ALAN  WYLIE Rag And Bone Man
Rag And Bone Man
Oil on Panel  
9 x 13 in
ALAN  WYLIE Sailing Solo
Sailing Solo
Oil on Panel  
8 x 10 in