Born in Ontario Canada, Nancy Street was raised near the shores of Lake Huron where she first developed her love and appreciation for nature. By the age of 10 she was expressing her artistic sensitivity in woodcarving. In 1973 Nancy moved to British Columbia where she joined a company devoted to training young artists in carving B.C. Jade. A dream come true!

In 1984, Nancy opened a new studio in the interior where she not only diversified her artistic expression by using such media as Brazilian soapstone, marble, sodalite and alabaster; but also she created larger and more dramatic carvings.

Now living on Vancouver Island, Nancy carves during the winter and joins her husband fishing outside Tofino during the summer months.

A subtle chemistry of line, simplicity and sensuality is the very essence of Nancy's unique and personal style.

NANCY  STREET Otters Embrace
Otters Embrace